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A Walking Guide to Chartreuse

Photograph Albums of Chartreuse

When I originally developed the photograph album code I was under the false impression that I had several hundred photographs to choose from, taken on the various holidays that I have spent in Chartreuse over the past forty years. Subsequent inspection, however, proved that a large number had been lost, and that the vast majority of prints taken from 35 mm negatives had lost their colour and did not scan well. Some I have managed to retrieve, but my choice was largely limited to the few photos that I have taken with a digital camera in the past decade or so. So the end result is a poor imitation of what was hoped for.

Caving photographs have been generously provided by my caving colleagues Dave Checkley, Pete Monk, Stuart Hesletine, and Graham Coates and were taken in July 2011, June 2014, and August 2015. The Trou du Glaz - Annette album records some of the passages traversed between those two caves beneath Dent de Crolles.