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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

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"what I hear is the murmur / Of underground streams, what I see is a limestone landscape" - W.H Auden

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Ease Gill Caverns - Route Guides

Lancaster to Wretched Rabbit via Wilf Taylor's Passage
Cape Kennedy, Earby Series
Magic Roundabout
Lancaster Hole to Link Pot
County Pot to Easter Grotto
Wretched Rabbit to Easter Grotto
Wretched Rabbit to Stop Pot via Depot Passage No. 1
Stop Pot to County Pot via Manchester Bypass
Stop Pot to County Pot via Ignorance is Bliss
Stop Pot to County Pot via Upper Trident
Wretched Rabbit Entrance from Stop Pot
Mancunian Way - Ease Gill Aven - Molluscan Hall - County Pot
The Borehole
Boundary Pot to Near Ease Gill
Top Sink to Near Ease Gill
Bull Pot of the Witches
Aygill Caverns

Gaping Gill Area - Route Guides

Bar Pot to Main Chamber via Hensler's Master Cave
Bar Pot Alternative, Gaping Gill
Ingleborough Cave

Other Areas - Route Guides

Manchester Hole and Goyden Pot (through trip)
Mongo Gill Hole
Magnetometer Pot (to Caton Hall)
Dismal Hill Cave to Old Ing Cave traverse

Rigging Guides

Aquamole Alternative
Bar Pot, Gaping Gill
Bar Pot Alternative, Gaping Gill
Echo Rift, Gaping Gill
Lost Johns' Cave, Dome Alternative
Mongo Gill, North Shaft
Notts Pot, Acrobat Pot Series
Notts Pot, alternative entrance
Notts Pot, De Profundis
Notts Pot, BUSS Route
Rat Hole, Gaping Gill
Small Mammal Pot, Gaping Gill

Superseded Route Guides

Manchester Hole
Goyden Pot

Classic Caves - (chapters commissioned for a book)

Dowber Gill Passage, by Terry Trueman & Ian Watson
Juniper Gulf, by John Gardner
Penyghent Pot, by Julian Griffiths

Gaping Gill - Miscellaneous Articles, Notes, & Papers

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Gaping Gill, by Dick Glover
Rat Hole - A Grand Old Shaft of the Dales (Descent article 1986)
Rat Hole - Up the Mouseholes (Descent article 1987)
Rat Hole Rebolted, by Mike Wooding (Descent article 2005)
Ingleborough Cave - Notes on Secret Stream Area
Ingleborough Cave - Notes on the Upper Series
Bar Pot - A Comprehensive Description
Small Mammal Pot - A Project Log
The Bar Pot Alternative (Descent article 2006)
Stile Pot - A Project Log
Stile Pot - So Why Bother? (CPC Record article 2008)
Avalanche Pot Inlet, Gaping Gill - A Project Log
List of Entrances into the Gaping Gill System
Google Map showing Gaping Gill System entrances

Other Miscellaneous Articles, Notes, and Papers

Some Notes on Pool Sink
A list of the entrances into The Three Counties System
Long Rift Pot - A Project Log
Bloat Pot - A Project Log
Tales of Valiant Effort and Pathetic Failure (CPC Record article 2010)
Valediction: Mike Wooding (BCRA Bulletin article 2006)
Valediction: Mel Gascoyne (Descent article 2019)
Hebden Horse Level (CPC Record article 2012)
The Story of a Calcite Cup (CPC Record article 2013)
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ralph Borlase Wingfield (CPC Record article 2013)
Impressions from a Tête Sauvage – E.D.F. Tunnel Traverse (CPC Record article 2013)
Google Map creator for cave entrances
Best Practice Capping Techniques
Deep zoom Gouffre Berger survey, courtesy of Gilbert Bohec
Deep zoom Gouffre Jean-Bernard plan survey, courtesy of Groupe Spéléologique Vulcain
Deep zoom Gouffre Jean-Bernard x-s survey, courtesy of Groupe Spéléologique Vulcain

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