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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

Aquamole Pot Alternative - A Rigging Guide

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This series of articles is intended for the guidance of experienced cavers, who may not be familiar with the details of the best routes through the more complex systems in the Yorkshire Dales. To echo the sentiments in Northern Caves, it "is intended as guidance for the wise, not the obedience of fools"

Aquamole Pot Alternative


This is an interesting alternative to the final pitch. which starts in the One-armed Bandit Series.

First Pitch

Two IC anchors on opposite walls protect the approach, and the main drop is belayed from a Y-hang in the roof. These anchors are hidden in a phreatic pocket, but they may be found on either side of the more obvious relic bolt and hanger. The pitch lands on a ledge with an easy 3 metre climb to the floor. The rope length includes the latter, so a 35 metre rope is on the generous side.

Second Pitch

The easy scramble down the rift approaching the pitch has not been bolted, but an additional 10 metres of rope and a couple of slings will protect the descent if required. The descent arrives on a ledge overlooking the pitch. The Y-hang from IC anchors is slightly round the corner away from the water, and reaching it is protected by a Y-hang from an anchor at the ledge, and a large flake in the approach rift, three metres above the ledge and three metres back. This takes a small sling.

Tackle Required

Rope: 35 m; 18 m;
Carabiners / Maillons: 7 (excluding first bolt on traverses)
small sling

Note: The anchors were installed as part of the IC resin anchor installation programme.