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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

Bar and Flood Entrance Pots - A Description

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This section of the web site is based on a comprehensive description of the Bar Pot and Flood Entrance passages written by Colin Boothroyd and Phil Johnstone in 1978. It was written to accompany an equally comprehensive survey of the systems, a deep zoom version of which is available here. The publication was not available for very long, and rather than see it wasted, it is being re-published here, with the support and help of the authors.

The description has been augmented from other sources kindly provided by John Cordingley, which record both the important and the smaller extensions that have been made in the area since 1978. The source of such material is acknowledged in the appropriate sections, but detailed references are not provided in the text.

The compiler is grateful to all three for their help and support, and also to Patrick Warren for the use of his preliminary Lost River survey.

In order to make the material more accessible in this medium, the material has been reorganised and some of it re-written. The compiler is responsible for any mistakes / nonsenses that have been introduced because of this.

The description was intended to be read in conjunction with the survey. Extracts from the LUSS survey, together with those of various extensions, are available at various points in the text as pop-up windows which will automatically close when they lose focus. Please note that you must have popup windows and JavaScript enabled in your browser to see these.

This site is designed to be "printer-friendly".

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June 2003