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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

Cavelocator URL Generator

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This JavaScript-driven transaction allows you to create and edit URLs for displaying up to six features on a Google map web page. See this for an example. The first item is assumed to be the main item and a cave entrance, and is highlighted with a different colour pointer on the map. It is also used to create the web page title. By default, the map is centred on the first item, but you can specify a different centre. A valid scale is between 10 and 18 inclusive, with 18 being the highest definition. To create a new URL simply fill in the fields and click on the Create URL button. The URL is then written to the text box below from where it may be copied. To edit an existing URL, load the URL into the bottom text box and click on the Edit URL button. This loads up the fields above, which may then be edited.

It is best to use Google Earth to mark the required positions. You can then copy and paste the latitudes and longitudes properties directly from the Google Earth properties boxes.

Centre of map (optional - defaults to first item)

First item:
Second item:
Third item:
Fourth item:
Fifth item:
Sixth item: