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Réseau de la Dent de Crolles, Chartreuse


There are a number of entrances to the system which are located in the eastern face of Dent de Crolles, which are difficulty to access and unlikely to be used by the casual visitor. Some brief details are given here for completeness.

Gouffre des Quanta

Northing: 45.314053° Easting: 5.86455° Altitude: 1,937 m

The entrance to Gouffre des Quanta is located 160 metres south of Gouffre Thérèse, on a steep scree-covered ledge on the eastern face, accessed by a 50 metre abseil. It was first discovered in 1999, and a connection with the upper series of the Guiers Mort was made two years later, giving a new traverse 605 metres deep, and 3,126 metres long. The exploration was described in an article, which includes a cross-section, by Jean-Pierre Gonzalez in Scialet 43 (2003), more information available on bona fide request. The plan survey is included in Gilbert Bohec's compilation survey of the system.

Grotte des Montagnards

Northing: 45.3096° Easting: 5.8585° Altitude: 1,747 m

The eastern face of Dent de Crolles
Showing some of the entrances on the eastern face of Dent de Crolles
Photo: Gilbert Bohec, with thanks.
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The entrance was discovered in 1966 by climbers developing a new route on the eastern face, who later escorted some cavers up the ED grade 80 metre rock climb. Large passages led eventually to a 85 metre pitch, Puits de Montagnards, which landed at the end of the Galerie Invisible in the Grotte Chevalier. The shaft was noted to continue upwards.

le Nid de Choucas

Northing: 45.3089° Easting: 5.8571° Altitude: 1,890 m

In 2021 ascending the continuation of the 85-metre shaft in Grotte de Montagnes led to an inlet series with a window high in the eastern face, called le Nid de Choucas.

la Grotte des Excités

Northing: 45.3089° Easting: 5.8575° Altitude: 1,751 m

In 2022, explorations on the eastern face discovered a new entrance, la Grotte des Excités. Two associated entrances, l'Entrée des Artistes, and le Balcon were discovered from the inside. Exploration of the Réseau des Excités resulted in a connection with the Grotte de Montagnes through a window into the Puits de Montagnards. A full description, together with a large scale survey of the whole area including the Nid de Choucas and Grotte de Montagnes, was published in Spéléo Magazine 121 (2023) - more information available on bona fide request.