An Email Address Obfuscator

This fully-functional "freeware" program was written to provide an easy way of obfuscating email addresses for inclusion in web pages to help protect access from spambots. It is guaranteed not to include any malware functionality.

It basically works by converting the standard printing ASCII characters into their HTML character entities, including the "mailto:" part of the href attribute.

Because it is a Visual Basic program, it works with MS Windows only, and the distribution is bulky (1,335 KB). The distribution kit arrives in a zip file - simply execute the embedded setup.exe file.

Alternatively, for a one-off obfuscation, you may use the Javascript facility below. Simply enter the required email address after the "mailto:" in the text box, copy the result, and paste the obfuscated email address between the quotes of the href tag in your HTML source.

Append email address:

Download the install kit with the libraries (1,335 KB)