A Client-side Image Mapper

This fully-functional "freeware" program was developed to provide an easy method of creating client-side image maps (image mapping). It is guaranteed not to include any malware functionality.

Product features include:

  1. Support for JPEG, GIF, and BMP graphic files. PNG files can be handled indirectly.
  2. The program optionally remembers all information specified for an image in a "hotspot file". This may be subsequently opened and modified as required.
  3. You may define an indefinite number of hotspots for an image.
  4. Hotspot creation is WYSWIG-based, with the outlines of the hotspots superimposed on the image. You may set your preferences for line colour and line thickness. Preferences are saved across sessions.
  5. Image and hotspot details may be modified and removed.
  6. You may re-order the hotspots (the order of hotspots is significant if they overlap).
  7. Context sensitive menus and full help facilities are available at all stages.
  8. The resultant HTML includes tags for both the image and the map, and is loaded into the clipboard from where it may be pasted into the appropriate place using your standard HTML editor.

Because it is a Visual Basic program, it works with MS Windows only, and the distribution is bulky (1,925 KB). The distribution kit arrives in a zip file - simply execute the embedded setup.exe file.

Download the install kit with the libraries (1,925 KB)

Note: A major new upgrade was released on the 6th August 2006. It allows accesskey and tabindex to be specified with hyperlinks, and the editing of existing hotspots has been enhanced.