Photograph of meer stone 70 - Grassington Moor

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Location: Leaning against the east side of the Pasture Shaft spoil.

Latitude: 54.08831 Longitude: -1.98093

NGR: SE 01346 65823

Inscription: H B (+?)

This is a rectangular block some 60 m long. It leans against the Pasture Shaft spoil wall adjacent to Meer Stone 71. It is obviously not in its original position, but was moved to the current position from within the field. The initials 'HB' are very clear, but the remainder of the inscription is less so. It may read "H Barkley" whom it is known leased threee meers on the Beever Vein in 1774 some 700 metres to the east. A Henry Barkley from Hebden married in 1773, and died in 1798.