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Hebden Trial Level - The Story of a Yorkshire Dales Lead Mine

Sources and References

A number of primary and secondary sources have been used in researching Hebden Trial Level, and these are discussed below. All the primary material used is available on the web.

The Mineral Statistics of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: This was essentially a government publication that produced various statistics about mining production in the UK. It has undergone a variety of transformations since it was first produced in the 1840s, but for those years of interest it recorded the name and company of the mine; the name of the mining agent; production figures; and employee figures including deaths. Various editions are available on the web (e.g. on Googlebooks). Further information about the production of these statistics may be found http://projects.exeter.ac.uk/mhn/MS/intro.html, and a convenient summary of the statistics for the Hebden Moor Mining Company may be found at http://projects.exeter.ac.uk/mhn/msdb/md240095.html.

The UK Census material from 1841 to 1911 and other online genealogical data has been useful in researching the various individuals associated with the mine, and for analysing the occupation of those living in Hebden in 1881. All these are available online, albeit at a price. A summary from the 1881 census of those Hebden men involved in the lead mining industry is available here.

Online newspaper items on the web have been useful for establishing the details of the establishment and liquidation of the Hebden Moor Mining Company, as well as the bankruptcy of William Sigston Winn.

John Wilkinson's diary extract gives an invaluable insight into the construction of the mine, and into those who were working on the project.

There are a number of secondary sources that provide background information on lead mining in the area in general, and about the Hebden Moor Company in particular:

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An excellent general description of Hebden and its history may be found on Wikipedia.