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Hebden Trial Level - The Story of a Yorkshire Dales Lead Mine

Extract from the 1890 25" OS Map

Extract from 1890 25 inch OS map showing the vicinity of the mine The tailrace emerging from an undeground conduit The Smithy - possibly built after the mine was closed, now demolished The mine building (still standing) The leat supplying water to the pond The wheel pit The overhead flume fed from stream emerging from the level The beck supplying water to the leat The pond, which supplied water to the breastshot flume Small building of which only the outline remains - the powder house? Entrance to the level The area of the spoil tip - now called Smithy Hill

This is an extract of the 1890 25 inch Ordnance Survey map - published two years after the mine closed. The colouring was already on the original used. By hovering the cursor above the map in the appropriate places, you can identify the location of the various elements of the water system used to drive the water wheel.