Hebden Parish Historical Data

Newspaper cuttings

The following is a selection of newspaper cuttings relating to Hebden. Some cast light on the social conditions at the time, such as the report of Sarah Dinsdale being publicly whipped for pilfering yarn in 1785, and the Hebden mill owner who claimed ownership of four 'work children', one aged six years, in 1807. Some mark significant events in the development of the village, such as the five years of meetings as the Inclosure Act was being enforced (the relevant Inclosure Act was passed on 4th September 1948, but the award was not sealed until 25 June 1857), the consecration of the church, and the opening of the institute. Others cast light on the people of the village, such as Thomas Tattersall, the local postman who for over 25 years walked his 20-mile round delivering to the local villages, and the fifth marriage of Thomas Francis Hammond at the age of 88.

The masthead for the Leeds 1807.
The masthead for the Leeds Mercury 1807.

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Date Newspaper Subject
5th April 1785 Leeds Mercury Public whipping of Hebden woman for contravening the Worsted Act
2nd May 1807 Leeds Mercury Claim of ownership of 4 'work children' (one aged 6!) by Hebden Mill
4th December 1813 Leeds Mercury Advertisement for Hebden Mill, including a description
9th June 1821 Leeds Mercury Advertisement for Hebden Mill, including a description
9th October 1824 Leeds Mercury Farmer short-weighting cheese in Skipton market
26th July 1828 Leeds Mercury Advertisement for Hebden Corn Mill, including a description
5th December 1835 Leeds Mercury Prosecution for overworking children at Hebden Mill
28th March 1840 Leeds Intelligencer Diocesan funding for the building of St. Peter's Church
6th November 1841 Leeds Intelligencer Report of the consecration of St. Peter's Church
19th December 1846 Leeds Intelligencer Announcement of availability of Tithe Commissioner's report
7th August 1847 Leeds Mercury Horse thieving in Hebden
23rd December 1848 Leeds Intelligencer Notice of first of many Enclosure Award meetings in the Clarendon
22nd December 1849 Leeds Intelligencer Cattle stealing in Hebden
14th May 1853 Leeds Intelligencer Notice of final Enclosure Award meeting in the Clarendon
18th June 1853 Leeds Intelligencer Notice of availability of Enclosure Award claims in the Clarendon
5th November 1853 Leeds Intelligencer Notice of findings of Enclosure Award claims
2nd May 1857 Leeds Intelligencer Report of a reservoir navvy stealing from his room mates boarding in Hebden
20th March 1862 Leeds Mercury #metoo in 1862
19th September 1863 Leeds Intelligencer Poaching on Hebden Moor
21st September 1863 Leeds Mercury Diatribe against pollution of the Wharfe by mining and agriculture
21st November 1863 Leeds Intelligencer Court case on non-payment of tithes on Town Lands
9th July 1864 Leeds Mercury Resolution of gaming rights dispute after Inclosures
25th June 1867 Leeds Mercury Francis Hammond versus Hebden Moor Mining Company
8th August 1867 Leeds Mercury Result of Francis Hammond versus Hebden Moor Mining Company
24th August 1867 Leeds Mercury Hebden Moor Mining Company versus Duke of Devonshire
24th August 1867 Yorkshire Post Hebden Moor Mining Company versus Duke of Devonshire
12th April 1873 Leeds Mercury Sale of corn mill with description
29th April 1876 Craven Herald A village concert in the new school
15th September 1876 Craven Herald Invitation to tender for rebuilding the Wesleyan Chapel
6th January 1877 Craven Herald Christmas shindigs at the Primitive Methodist Chapel
7th July 1877 Craven Herald Independent Order of the Oddfellows shindigs
6th October 1877 Craven Herald Opening of the re-built Wesleyan Chapel
14th May 1889 London Gazette Initial winding up meeting of the Hebden Moor Mining Company
22nd April 1890 London Gazette Final winding up meeting of the Hebden Moor Mining Company
2nd July 1897 Craven Herald Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee village celebrations
1903 Primitive Methodist Magazine Obituary of Mary Ann Hammond (transcript)
4th June 1903 Leeds Mercury Opening of the Ibbotson Institute
17th September 1905 Leeds Mercury Account of death of John Joy
3rd October 1906 Yorkshire Post Advertisement for sale of Hebden Mill
9th October 1906 Leeds Mercury Article about T.F. Tattersall, the postman
16th June 1909 Yorkshire Post Opening of the C.H.A. guesthouse
7th July 1910 Leeds Mercury Sale of land for Grassington Hospital
15th October 1915 Abderdeen Evening Express Advertisement for new headmistress at Hebden School
11th November 1915 Yorkshire Post Prosecution of Daniel Bowdin for fouling waterways
8 October 1919 Yorkshire Post Advert confirming William Bell still leased Smithy Hill in 1919
2nd May 1930 Yorkshire Post Repair of Hebden suspension bridge
18th September 1930 Leeds Mercury Fourth marriage of T.F. Hammond
22nd September 1930 Leeds Mercury Last train from Grassington
27th August 1931 Yorkshire Post Fifth marriage of T.F. Hammond
16th January 1933 Yorkshire Post Report of earthquake on the Craven Fault
14th May 1934 Yorkshire Post Report of death of T.F. Hammond on 10th May
18th May 1934 Craven Herald Obituary of T.F. Hammond (transcript)
4th September 1936 Yorkshire Post Golden Wedding anniversary of W.J. Mason, ex-headmaster of Hebden School
30th January 1939 Leeds Mercury Evacuation of children into area
5th May 1940 Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury Sale of Hebden Hall by the executors of Jeremiah Metcalfe
19th June 1940 Yorkshire Post Bequest of Jeremiah Metcalfe to the Ibbotson Institute
14th March 1941 Yorkshire Post Bar Jubilee of Mr. T.P. Perks. of Hebden
8th October 1943 Yorkshire Post Award of D.S.C. to J.B. Sturgeon, of Hebden
22nd February 1944 Yorkshire Post Proposed sale of quarrying rights by the Freeholders
13th April 1944 Yorkshire Post Death of J.B. Sturgeon, of Hebden, on active service
26th January 1945 Yorkshire Post 29 degrees of frost record by Mr. T.P. Perks
14th June 1946 Yorkshire Post Search for sheep-killer alsatian dog
24th September 1949 Yorkshire Post Return of an ex-Hebden Goldrusher
30th June 1953 Yorkshire Post Unsuccessful prosecution of Joseph Hawley