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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

Yorkshire Dales Caving Rope Lengths

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The following bar chart shows the distribution of rope lengths used for rigging Dales caves from resin anchors. The data was originally based on a set available on GitHub compiled by Ari Cooper Davis but has since been re-generated from the CNCC site, the IC Rigging site, various reports of IC bolting projects in Descent, and from this site. Where there is more than one version of a rigging guide available the 'official' one is used. Where the same length rope is required for alternative hangs that length is only included once. The number of elements in each category is displayed when the mouse is hovered over that category's bar. The total number of rope lengths in the sample is 394, and the raw data file from which the chart is generated may be inspected here. The bar chart is generated using the Google Charts API.

Note that the rigging guides often use a single rope for adjacent pitches, and some of the longer pitches can be rigged with multiple ropes, so the figures should not be taken too literally. Moreover, many of the CNCC topos are generous with their rope lengths. Click here to see the rope lengths displayed in 5 metre intervals.