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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

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"Tis true, there's magic in the web of it" - Othello Act IV Sc.IV

British Caving Association The BCA is the governing body of British caving, and is responsible amongst other things for training, research, and access agreements. Cost of membership includes the provision of third party liability insurance.
British Caving Library The British Caving Library is a national research and reference library based in the Peak District, staffed by a part-time librarian. It is run by the British Cave Research Association (BCRA) on behalf of the British Caving Association (BCA), and offers facilities to all.
CNCC Access to many northern caves is administered through the Council of Northern Caving Clubs. Contact details may be found here.
UK Caving Forum Despite being largely dominated by spurious chit-chat from a noisy dozen or so dogmatic me-too minority, and having a tendency for discussions to descend rapidly into vitriolic bickering, it occasionally hosts some worthwhile threads. A site maintained by Andy Powell that has become the definitive online resource for cave surveys of the Yorkshire Dales. The site has an excellent reference list of published surveys, many of which are are available online, as well as the start of a wide area survey where caves surveys are superimposed on Google Earth satellite images. Unfortunately, the site hasn't been maintained for a few years, and some features no longer work.
Red Rose Hypertext Guide to Easegill Whilst laudable in its efforts, this doesn't work as well as it could. The descriptions are not always as precise or as helpful as they could be, and often propagate the mistakes of the guide books (much of it is copied word for word from Northern Caves). The formatting is also a little idiosyncratic. Nevertheless, some of it does cover ground not covered elsewhere, such as the Upper Trident Series, and it does have the benefit of being an on-line resource.
New to caving website This web site encourages people to try out our fabulous past time, and provides all the necessary information and links to enable them to get started.