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Photograph of the volcano formation in Witches II Cave

OBJ Pot - A description

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This article is based on "Bar Pot and Flood Entrance Pot" written by Phil Johnstone and Colin Boothroyd, and published by the Lancaster University Speleological Society in 1978.

About 50 m past Wade's Entrance the track to Gaping Gill Main Shaft passes between two rocky shakeholes. That on the left merely chokes after 3 m, while on the right is OBJ Hole (see surface survey). The entrance pitch of 4 m can be free-climbed easily. At the bottom of this the blind pot described in Northern Caves as being 10 m deep is in fact 3 m; and can be traversed over to reach the head of a 12 m ladder pitch (see cross section). The final pitch, an 18 m free hang, reaches a shingle choke in the floor of the rift.

The connection into Flood Entrance Pot is through an enlarged rift at the bottom of the first pitch. This drops into the avens downstream of the zig-zags. (survey).